Monday, February 13, 2012

Sentridoh's "Weed Forestin'" Reissue Available Starting Tomorrow, Stream It Now

About a month back, we very excitedly reported the news that Real FN Hero Lou Barlow (pictured with a sweet cat t-shirt) had confirmed that both of his major beloved bands, Sebadoh and Dinosaur Jr., would have new albums out by the end of this year or the beginning of 2013. A month, a badass cruise, and several awesome tweets later, the Dino Jr. album is well underway, but as we look forward to more indie rock goodness out of Team Barlow we can look back on a critical piece of the bands' history that will be available in a new form tomorrow.

Sebadoh / Dino Jr. true believers are familiar with the long and weird history of Weed Forestin', the 1987 cassette-based album released under the Sentridoh moniker when Barlow was the kid pictured above. Weed's getting quite the kickass reissue treatment: starting tomorrow (Valentine's Day aww), you can grab a digital version of the album on Bandcamp for a mere $6 or buy it on limited-edition vinyl for $15, to be shipped by March 27. There will also be a deluxe LP edition available for preorder featuring Weed Forestin' in its entirety along with a cassette of Child of the Apocalypse - a newly-released collection of unreleased songs, early demos, and tape collages from the same era - AND a USB drive with uncompressed audio from both releases and a stop motion short film based on several of Weed's songs by London artist Darryl Walker that were last (not) seen on an unplayable VHS tape sent to Barlow over a decade ago.

Yeah it's a pretty huge project, and there are more formats available in which to pick it up listed on Bandcamp. You can also go ahead and stream all 23 tracks of Weed Forestin' below right now, as well as check out Walker's video for the classic "Brand New Love."

Who loves ya, babies? We do. (Cheers to The Backstage Rider for the tip!)


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