Tuesday, April 26, 2011

They Might Be Giants preview four new songs

Well what do you know? Today is “They Might Be Giants Awareness Day” according to none other than… They Might Be Giants. My favorite band as a second grader (I was pretty much obsessed with “Istanbul” and “Particle Man” and all of Apollo 18) have made a video announcement on their website that they’ve been around for nearly thirty years, and in celebration you should listen to four preview tracks from the Brooklyn duo’s forthcoming album Join Us. Those songs are currently streaming over at Spinner, and of course available for download at iTunes.

Why not share those songs to raise awareness to those less fortunate to have never heard of the group? Or, as they suggest, share something on their Facebook event page? Join Us is TMBG’s fifteenth studio album and will be released on Idlewild on 7/19. Did anyone else ever secretly call Dial-A-Song as a kid from their house phone? 90% of the time I got a busy signal, but every now and then you’d be able to get through. Good times.