Fucking Nostalgic
is a New York City-based music appreciation blog. We began by mainly focusing on long-running and reunited bands (hence the name), but have since expanded to include coverage of up and coming bands as well. Although we are based in New York City, we also include concert coverage from various cities (both in the US and abroad). If you would like to contribute in any way possible, get a hold of Chris.

Please send all music submissions (links only, no mp3's) to Chris and we will listen to it. If it's good, we will probably come to one of your shows without telling you and write about  it.

Please send tips, press releases, announcements and anything else news-related to Damien.

We are 100% non-profit and always will be.

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Feature Writer: John Dabrowski
Press Liason: Debbie Chou
This Week's Nostalgia: Trista Hou (Bingshu Hou)

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Dana (distortion) Yavin
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Tommy Kearns
Carrie Jordan
Chloe Lee
Sam Cornwall

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Michael Koene
Jennifer Harmon
Francesca McCaffery
Jessica Callender
Anjelica LaFurno
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Geanna Barlaam
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