Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Dinosaur Jr.’s first three albums being reissued on vinyl (yeah!)

Soon after I spoke to Lou Barlow on the phone back in May, he tweeted that he couldn’t find his vinyl copy of Dinosaur Jr.’s third album Bug, the album Dino was playing in its entirety for their most recent tour. Subsequently, Lou had to buy his own album on iTunes. But luckily he’ll be able to buy a fresh copy of Bug as well as Dinosaur’s debut Dinosaur and You’re Living All Over Me on glorious vinyl on October 4.

Though the albums were initially released on SST and Homestead, Jagjaguwar (the band’s current label) will handle the reissues of all three albums making absolutely no changes or additions to their tracklisting. I’ve personally taken note of the fact that the only Dinosaur Jr. vinyl I’ve seen in record stores are their post-reunion albums, so I’m happy knowing that I’ll be able to pick up this trifecta of awesome vinyl in the very near future.

Though you can't preorder any of the albums quite yet, we'll keep you posted as to when you can. In the meantime why don’t you check out our review and photos of when Dinosaur Jr. played New York City in June? Yep.

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