Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Our Band Could Be Your Life tickets released

The extremely coveted, extremely important, and extremely fascinating book Our Band Could Be Your Life: Scenes from the American Indie Underground 1981-1991 celebrates its 10th anniversary this year. In tribute, Tiger Mountain Presents will be putting on a tribute show to the Michael Azerrad-penned book this Sunday, May 22nd at the Bowery Ballroom. Tickets were previously sold out but it appears as though some more have been released, so grab one while you still can. Below is the list of performers and the band they will be paying tribute to. It will be exciting to see these more contemporary acts take on some of my favorite bands ever. Special guests are to be expected…

Nat Baldwin, David Longstreth and Brian McOmber performing Black Flag
Delicate Steve performing the Minutemen
Citay performing Mission of Burma
Ted Leo performing Minor Threat
Grooms performing Husker Du
Titus Andronicus performing the Replacements
callers performing Sonic Youth
Dan Deacon performing the Butthole Surfers
St. Vincent performing Big Black
Wye Oak performing Dinosaur Jr
Buke & Gass performing Fugazi
White Hills performing Mudhoney
Yellow Ostrich performing Beat Happening

Very Special Guests Janeane Garofalo and Eugene Mirman will host the event.


  1. this dude wrote "Come as you Are" the AMAZING Nirvana book!

  2. definitely. I remember you had that in college an it always floated around our apartments

  3. Floated around like the ghost of Kurt Cobain? aw yeah.