Tuesday, October 25, 2011

iMeowww Presents... Just Like Heavin'

If you thought iMeowww was short on ideas for new songs, you thought wrong. In fact, there's a good chance Ms. Debbie Chou will continue to release a new iMeowww song each and every week for the foreseeable future, culminating in the inevitable full length album of cover songs done entirely in meows, presumably titled I Like To Meow Songs, Okay?

Oh, and I've seen Debbie's notepad... she has at least ten more of these up her sleeve.

For now, enjoy the third iMeowww offering, "Just Like Heavin'"--which of course is a cover of The Cure's "Just Like Heaven"--complete with totally inaccurate cover art (trying to incorporate a cat into one of The Cure's album covers is not as easy as you think). Enjoy!

iMeowww Presents...Just Like Heavin' (with iHiss & iChirrrp) by Debzies

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