Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Ed O'Brien Shares Details About Radiohead's 2012 Tour

Image via the NY Times
Radiohead. Perhaps we've mentioned them here before. My favorite band of all time and apparent masters of news cycles have followed up their nonchalant / HOLY SH#T confirmation of new material with another reveal by guitarist Ed O'Brien about their upcoming 2012 tour dates.

Speaking with BBC 6, O'Brien noted that the tour would likely take place in the February through November timeframe in the UK and the US at pretty much everywhere you'd expect it to (yay for living in a major city!), and that the dates would be primarily at indoor venues with comparatively fewer outdoor shows due to the nature of The King of Limbs material. Which makes sense - as evidenced by their Roseland shows, I'd agree that the twitchy intricacies of TKOL would be best heard in closer environs. But hey, if they play Liberty State Park again, I'm all about that too. 

Basically, more Radiohead please.

O'Brien also confirmed that the tour would of course focus on TKOL plus songs from throughout their catalog that fit best around them rather than just greatest hits, which for diehard fans is great news anyway. Check out the entire interview in audio form after the jump, and continue waiting impatiently.


  1. So excited about this!! This week has already been full of awesomeness, with this, Tom Waits and The Stone Roses - kind of helps get over the fact that Thurston and Kim are breaking up :D

  2. Yeah definitely one of the cooler weeks news-wise in awhile. Still holding out hope this doesn't mean the end of SY but as long as our other favorites keep doing awesome things, we'll be alright. :)