Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Listen To A Previously Unreleased Demo From Pearl Jam -- "Chinese"

Have we ever written about Pearl Jam on FN before? Survey says... a couple of times. But unlike another demo from a popular '90s rock band that was later proven to be a hoax, today we have a REAL Pearl Jam demo that Cameron Crowe, director of the recent (and apparently really awesome) documentary Pearl Jam 20, spun on Sirus/XMU's Pearl Jam station. Composed by Stone Gossard, you can hear a bit of it on the documentary's DVD as well, but now you can stream the full thing beginning at 1:30 in the clip below. And as everyone in the comments on the clip mention, it sounds kind of like "Alive," which is always a good direction to go in. (Thanks to Stereogum for the tip!)


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