Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Photos/Review: Wild Flag @ Maxwell's

Wild Flag / Eleanor Friedberger @ Maxwell's
Photos: Nadia Chaudhury / Review: Josh Kurp

Only hours after seeing Carrie Brownstein discuss putting a bird on things as part of the Portlandia panel at New York Comic Con, we watched her again at (our favorite venue) Maxwell’s in Hoboken, New Jersey--this time as one-fourth of Wild Flag--scream “cunt” as loudly as she could into a microphone. Just another day in the life of the former Sleater-Kinney band member, who teamed up guitarist/vocalist Mary Timony (formerly of Helium), keyboardist Rebecca Cole (The Minders), and drummer Janet Weiss, also from Sleater-to form Wild Flag last year. They sound like if The Woods was more Who than Zeppelin, with a bit of a psychedelic space-rock vibe in there, too.

Brownstein, whose intensity is quite terrifying in person, sings in urgent jabs and slanted hiccups, but it’s Timony who stole the show. She may not be as flashy as the punkier Brownstein, who furthers the Who comparison with her take on Pete Townsend’s swirling guitar strum, but Timony’s more poised and sly, and her restraint makes the songs give off a sort of haunting feel. When they’re trading licks back and forth, though, like on “Glass Tambourine,” that’s when the real magic happens.

Wild Flag plays Bowery Ballroom tonight (as part of CMJ), along with Eleanor Friedberger, who opened the Maxwell’s show with a set of songs from her excellent debut solo album, Last Summer (“I Won’t Fall Apart on You Tonight” is particularly affecting live). You’d be wise to find a way to get into the sold-out show. Check out a full set of photos of both Eleanor and Wild Flag below...

Eleanor Friedberger

Wild Flag

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