Monday, September 26, 2011

Who will fill Mogwai’s slot at ATP?

Late yesterday, Scottish post-rockers Mogwai postponed their tour (again), this time due to medical reasons. We’re hoping everything is okay, but in the meantime we can’t help but wonder who will fill the gaping hole between Sunday’s 8:15pm – 9:15pm slot at this weekend’s ATP I’ll Be Your Mirror Festival. Mogwai would have been playing Convention Hall in between Public Enemy and headliners (and curators) Portishead, which means it will have to be a pretty big act to fill their shoes. Here are some artists that are in town this weekend who just may step up to the plate…

Asobi Seksu – the Brooklyn-based shoegaze group certainly would fit in with a lot of the bands on the bill. Don’t know how well they’d be received after Public Enemy, but you never know. They play Brooklyn Bowl the night before, with nothing on their schedule until October 15.

Tapes ‘n Tapes – hey… remember Tapes ‘n Tapes? They put out that really great album The Loon in 2006 and then… I don’t really know what happened. That record still stands the test of time and I probably would have gone seen them at Bowery Ballroom on Friday if it were not for ATP. TnT play Maxwell’s on 10/1, but have nothing on their schedule until Monday in North Carolina.

Elvis Costello – who wouldn’t want to see Elvis Costello at ATP? It would be killer. Elvis will be playing United Palace in New York City on Saturday, and Count Basie Theatre on Monday, but nothing on Sunday. If they twist his arm to play This Year’s Model in full, there will be a lot of happy concertgoers.

Explosions in the Sky – Don’t quote me on it, but I’m almost certain Explosions in the Sky played ATP last year, and would definitely fill the void post-rock fans are yearning for. EITS play Wellmont Theater on Monday, October 3, but have nothing scheduled beforehand. There is a very good chance they will take the slot.

Radiohead – We’re probably the only ones who have been suggesting this might happen, but we don’t really care. Portishead’s drummer Clive Deamer also happens to be touring with Radiohead now (as seen on SNL), and aside from Wednesday and Thursday’s Roseland Ballroom shows, the band have nothing on their schedule. An announcement of Radiohead playing ATP will certainly sell out Sunday’s tickets (and possibly the entire festival), making it one of the most memorable weekends of recent times. We’ve been praying every morning when we wake up and every night before we go to sleep that this happens, but honestly, it would be a bit of a stretch. Stranger things have happened…

Anyone else in town you think might show up? A friend of mine suggested Bruce Springsteen yesterday, which would be ironically funny and actually really amazing. Until ATP actually announces something, anything is possible.

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