Friday, September 16, 2011

Jeff Mangum unveils another lost Neutral Milk Hotel track

We still have a ways to go until Neutral Milk Hotel will release that bat-shit insane box set on November 22. In the meantime, Jeff Mangum will slowly build up our giddiness for the vinyl-only collection by unmasking NMH songs we've never heard before on that new website of his--reminding us that yes, Mangum may have been in hiding for a decade but that doesn't mean he didn't learn how to use the internet.

Listen to "Little Birds (Unfinished Version 2)" over at said website, which is taken from the "Little Birds" 7" that will be included in said box set. And also remember that Mangum's NYC-area performances are only a couple weeks away (and tickets are still available for the upcoming ATP I'll Be Your Mirror Festival). And just for the fuck of it, check out some old school Jeff Mangum performances below...

1 comment:

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