Saturday, June 25, 2011

Watch: Radiohead @ Glastonbury 2011

As we previously (and happily) reported yesterday, Fucking Nostalgic favorite Radiohead played a not-so-surprise set to a very lucky set of fans at the annual Glastonbury Festival. While the BBC was unable to film the concert for webcast at the request of the band, many of said lucky fans snapped photos of the set that circulated around the world within minutes and gave us a glimpse of Radiohead back in action.

They fortunately also captured video of the band performing "The Daily Mail," a song that Thom Yorke premiered early last year at a solo show for the Green Party at the Cambridge Corn Exchange. Check it out below - we'll update this post as more videos of the show emerge.

UPDATE (11:54am, 6/26): More footage is available, alright! Check out "Bloom" below (thanks Colin!).

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