Friday, June 24, 2011

Radiohead playing surprise Glastonbury set tonight

According to At Ease, Radiohead will be stopping by Europe's largest music festival, the UK's Glastonbury Festival, tonight to surprise the crowd with their first live concert in years. One can only hope this will be recorded and streamed in some way so we can watch in the States. We'll keep you updated, that's for sure.

UPDATE (4:41pm ET): So our friends back at At Ease, following a flurried round of live Tweets, posted the setlist of what sounds like a completely amazing Radiohead set. Extra drummer Clive Deamer, who first joined up with Radiohead for the brilliant "Staircase" on their upcoming From The Basement session, played with the band for most of the songs.


  1. Lotus Flower
  2. 15 Step
  3. Good Morning Mr. Magpie
  4. Little By Little
  5. All I Need
  6. Separator
  7. Give Up The Ghost
  8. Arpeggi
  9. Staircase
  10. I Might Be Wrong
  11. Bloom
  12. Reckoner
  13. Daily Mail

Encore: Street Spirit (Fade Out)

We'll add videos in a separate post as soon as we have them available!


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