Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Damon Albarn hints at Blur shows in the US (Fuck Yes)

When Blur reunited back in 2008, to great acclaim I might add, it was quite brief and limited to performances in Europe and even those were mainly festivals. Fans in the US were unfortunately left out of the fun, but it appears that may not be permanent. Speaking to the UK's Guardian, mainly about his upcoming theater show Dr Dee: An English Opera, Blur frontman (and Gorillaz mastermind) Damon Albarn suggests that Blur shows in the US are a possibility. When asked if new songs are on the way, he's on record giving a mumbled "don't know."

Albarn is also currently working on a largely instrumental album with a band that features himself, drummer Tony Allen (who worked with him on the Good, the Bad, and the Queen), and Flea (of, um, the Red Hot Chili Peppers!), that as of right now has no official name. No release date is set for that record, but Dr Dee: An English Opera premieres at the Manchester International Festival from July 1-9.

Personal note to Mr. Albarn: Please, please, please play with Blur in New York City. Thanks!

Below, check out Damon playing a song from Dr. Dee entitled "Apple Carts" and also some videos of Blur's performance at Glastonbury 2009...