Thursday, June 30, 2011

Grandaddy reissuing The Sophtware Slump

To me, Grandaddy were always one of those bands I listened to a lot but never really pursued seeing them live or reading much about them at all. I must’ve listened to Sumday at least fifty times throughout 2004, and then went back and listened to their second album The Sophtware Slump twice as much. Both albums contain incredibly strong songwriting, unique production and extremely catchy melodies. And then they abruptly, and not very amicably split in 2006. I predict their reunion tour in 2014 to be amongst the most celebrated of the year.

So I must say it’s exciting to read a report on Drowned in Sound that Universal/V2 will be reissuing The Sophtware Slump in a two disc deluxe package, containing b-sides, singles associated with the era, EP tracks and various demos. The release will be available on August 22nd, and though the report makes no mention of a vinyl release, I’m sure one is forthcoming. We’ll keep you updated leading up to the release.

Below, check out Grandaddy’s “Lost on Your Merry Way,” a song with an ending I wish would never end…


  1. NICE. Now I'm going to listen to "The Crystal Lake" all morning. :)

  2. i can't wait to hear the b sides and demos from this. I wasn't too big on their first album and everything after this I thought was utter shit. I couldn't even get into his solo album.

    But for this record, I saw them open for At the drive In @ irving plaza (weird! I know!) and then again for elliott smith... not the most exciting live act but I do own the keyboard pictured on the back of the sophtware slump and I made a grandaddy inspired recording called "sara- now I feel filleted" you can check it out here if you're interested: