Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Review: Sandro Perri / Destroyer @ Brooklyn Masonic Temple

Sandro Perri / Destroyer @ Brooklyn Masonic Temple - June 18, 2012
Photos/Review: John Dabrowski

Typically, Mondays are feared. They mark the start and continuation of responsibilities that builds until we crave solace. Fortunately, Vancouver’s Destroyer cooled the sting by performing an inspiring set at Brooklyn Masonic Temple to a hungry, generous audience.

Dan Bejar’s demeanor onstage verges on meditation. Crouching multiple times during the set, Bejar peeled his eyes shut and allowed his band to carry their sound into the swaying arms of the audience. He was transfixed with the spirit of the music that climbed so naturally from his band. There was a deep focus by all members of the outfit, trying to precisely carry the meticulous creature, 2011’s effort Kaputt, into euphoria. They succeeded in producing a mesmerizing experience by launching into numbers like “Savage Night at the Opera” and “Kaputt.”

Opener Sandro Perri allowed his songs to bleed into one another, creating a set that made the majority of the audience dial into their dreams. Sitting in the balcony, I watched the majority of the audience start to unravel in the palm of Perri’s magic. Perri, like Bejar, was a man of focus, attempting to perfectly articulate his delicate works into fruition.

The spectacular Impossible Spaces came alive at Brooklyn Masonic Temple. It is difficult for an opener to gain a warm approval from the crowd. Some acts crack, exaggerate their motions and get lost in the pressure. However, Perri navigated this challenge with grace. His genre-jumping sound cascaded into the decaying gymnasium, transforming the space into something mystical. There is a serenity in the way Perri and his band performs. Everything is done with care and without rush.

Ultimately, Destroyer and Sandro Perri exuded a serenity that Mondays rarely offer.


Sandro Perri will continue his tour with Destroyer for the remainder of June before playing some scattered dates throughout the summer (all tour dates below). Yesterday it was announced that DFA will be releasing his "Changes"/"Love & Light" Remixes EP, which is now available via 12" and digital. You can watch the official video for Zongamin's remix of Sandro Perri's "Changes" below, along with a set of photos from Monday's show...

Sandro Perri "Changes" (Zongamin Remix) - Official Video from DFA Records on Vimeo.

Destroyer - 6/18/12 Set List
1. Your Blues
2. Savage Night at the Opera
3. Downtown
4. Heartswarm (Swan Lake cover)
5. European Oils
6. Blue Eyes
7. Looters' Follies
8. Kaputt
9. Suicide Demo for Kara Walker
10. Libby's First Sunrise
11. Rubies

12. Self Portrait (Tonight Is Not Your Night)

Sandro Perri 2012 Tour Dates
Wed. June 20 - Boston, MA @ Paradise w/ Destroyer
Thu. June 21 - Montreal, PQ @ Rialto Theater w/ Destroyer
Sun. June 24 - Chicago, IL @ Metro w/ Destroyer
Mon. June 25 - Minneapolis, MN @ Cedar Cultural Center w/ Destroyer
Sat. July 28 - Guelph, ON @ Hillside Festival
Sun. Aug. 5 - Montreal, QC @ Osheaga Festival
Sat. Sep. 1 - Los Angeles, CA @ FYF Festival

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