Thursday, May 24, 2012

Public Enemy releasing two new albums this year


Public Enemy’s lengthy set at ATP IBYM last year was certainly one of the festival’s most memorable performances, proving they’re still one of the greatest live hip-hop acts to see. I even got to shake Flavor Flav’s hand briefly, which was both amazing and weird. And now the legendary act has announced plans to release two new albums this year, one in the summer, and another in the fall. According to Pitchfork:
“The records, titled Most of My Heroes Still Don't Appear on No Stamp and The Evil Empire of Everything, are two halves of a larger conceptual piece. "One [deals] with the whole movement of people...and the other deals with the situation of everything coming at you at once, like a blizzard," Chuck D said. They're slated to feature Brother Ali, Henry Rollins, Tom Morello, DMC, and more. No official release dates have been scheduled yet.”

Sounds awesome. Stay tuned for more details.


  1. Hopefully they'll be a little more memorable than most post mid-90s PE albums, but the whole "two albums at once" thing rarely if ever works well.

  2. Use Your Illusion.

    I rest my case. :)

  3. Stretching it a bit, but also Kid A and Amnesiac

    And stretching even further, everything Billy Corgan's done post-Adore... now there's something that'll twist your noodle

  4. Well Kid A and Amnesiac were recorded at the same time, so that totally passes.