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Photos/Review: The Cribs @ Music Hall of Williamsburg

The Cribs @ Music Hall of Williamburg 4/13

The Cribs @ Music Hall of Williamsburg – April 13, 2012

Photos: Chris / Review: Jennifer Harmon

The Cribs returned to Music Hall of Brooklyn on Friday the 13th, two years after their last NYC appearance at the same venue. Following stops in Portland, Seattle, Minneapolis, Chicago, and Canada, The Cribs felt right at home at the familiar concert hall.

I was ecstatic to discover the indie punk band is indeed going back to its old school roots. Following Johnny Marr’s exit from the group last year, twins Gary (on bass, vocals) and Ryan Jarman (guitar, vocals), along with their younger brother Ross on drums, are back to touring as a trio. While we all loved watching the former Smiths guitarist rock out with The Cribs, there is no denying that the brothers pack more punch as a trio.

My first encounter with The Cribs came in the summer of 2007 at Lollapalooza in Chicago. Under the sweltering sun in Grant Park, I quickly fell for their beguiling good looks, stinging guitars, and infectious vocals.

The brothers Jarman, who hale from Northern England, did not let me down in New York on Friday night, cranking out hit after hit from Men’s Needs, Women’s Needs, Whatever, including “Hey Scenesters,” “Our Bovine Public,” and of course, “Men’s Needs.” Their energy levels were superb with such power and passion behind every note they played and every lyric that came out of their mouths. Ryan, who appeared noticeably thinner than past performances, looked like he could be a member of the Ramones (DeeDee, in fact) with his shaggy black hair and sinewy frame.

The group, who hale from Northern England, for the most part stayed away from songs from 2009’s Ignore the Ignorant and performed tunes from the new album, The Belly of the Brazen Bull (slated for release May 7). This record is much more true to spirit of the band, and fans certainly got a glimpse of that Friday night. The track, “Chi-Town,” which The Cribs performed, is making a big impression on listeners because of its anthemic style and homage to The Windy City. Ryan based the song on his time in Chicago during the early days of the band. The track is packed with unrelenting melodic riffs and broad, flowing melodies.

We love The Cribs. Be sure to get their new album on May 7. Below check out a full set of photos from Friday night's show, in addition to their latest music video for "Come On, Be a No-One"...

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