Sunday, April 1, 2012

Name Change Announcement

Good morning! We have some exciting news for our readers that we'd like to share with you. After days of deliberation amongst the FN board of directors, a vote was taken last night as to whether we should continue as "Fucking Nostalgic" or change the name to something far less offensive. The main problem is that I, after having fathered three children in the past five years, have come to realize that not being able to tell my children what I do for a living simply because of the name of this site is absolutely devastating to me.

Just the other day my five-year old, Ralph, asked me, "Daddy? Where do you go to work every day?" And as the "F" sound came off my lips, I realized I had to look him in the eyes and lie to straight to his little face. "Family Dollar, son. Daddy works at the Family Dollar," is what I told him. When you have to hide who you are from your own children, you know something is horribly askew. So I presented some options to the FN team, and it was decided that the new name perfectly embodies everything that we have become known and loved for.

I can now proudly tell my son that Daddy works for Freaking Ecstatic. We hope you like the change as much as we do!


Freaking Ecstatic


  1. I am ready to embrace this positive attitude and kid-friendly direction.

  2. hahahah this is great. Is that Obama's signature? LOL!