Friday, March 30, 2012

Slow News Day Theatre ("We Spaced On Our Own Birthday" Edition)

Hey gang. Not a ton of big news to report today, so I figured I'd use this space to celebrate OUR FIRST BIRTHDAY! That we kinda forgot about yesterday! Time flies when you're having fun writing about great music and making fun of Nine Inch Nails' Trent Reznor for wearing a scrunchie one time.

Chris already shared how great of an experience this has been for us and how thankful we are to you for reading, but it's worth repeating. You guys - be you fans, contributors, or even shameless opportunists who have told us to eat a bag of dicks - have made Fucking Nostalgic such an incredibly rewarding blog to write for and community to be a part of. Chris started this whole thing as an outlet to share news about bands he's loved for awhile and to just straight up geek out about great artists, and in the span of a year that's resulted in a ton of cool readers (like you), interviews with musicians we've admired from afar, and shoutouts from podcast shows in LA to huge news outlets in the UK.

So yeah, thanks so much for it all, everyone. And totally come out to our 1st Anniversary Party at Fontana's on April 21 if you can (flyer above, Facebook invite over here). It's basically just one big awesome Thanks for sticking with FN, and the start of many more cool things to come.

Hmmm... so here's where I take a pretty heartfelt statement and make it awkward... I don't really know how to end this post, and AMC was showing a lot of Steven Seagal movies today, so here's a Steven Seagal montage I found on YouTube? After the jump? Enjoy! ::runs off to Happy Hour::

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