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Review: The Black Keys @ Madison Square Garden

The Black Keys @ Madison Square Garden - March 22, 2012
Review: Mariel Marelli

Long ago, in the middle of 2003, I was sitting in a college class at Ohio University when a classmate stood up and awkwardly announced “Hey everybody, my friends who are staying with me this weekend are in a band called The Black Keys. They’re playing a show if anyone can make it.” That is where I first learned of the guitar and drums duo that is Dan Auerbach and Patrick Carney. A year or so later, I was back in school, this time in Orlando, and my friend excitedly tells me that this band he really likes is coming to town and we have to go. Again, that band is The Black Keys. I remember it being a great show in a small venue and that’s where I truly fell in love with their music.

When it was announced this year that they were playing the almighty Madison Square Garden, I was scared! Was that venue too big for the duo? Would that many people want to see them? Apparently, everyone wants to see them, because not only did they sell out MSG, they then added another show and sold that out too! They showed me!

So last night after a last minute phone call and a mad dash to the city, I once again found myself in the presence of The Black Keys. As the lights dimmed and the drums starting playing the ever so catchy “Howlin’ For You,” you could feel the electricity in the air. The Garden went crazy and stayed that way the entire night. They played a great mix of new and old songs. Some songs they played with their backing band and some they played with just the two of them…like the good old days. Hearing an entire arena full of people singing along to “Little Black Submarines” was surreal. The Black Keys owned MSG for their entire set and when the big, disco ball came down for the encore, it was time to dance. They brought the house down with “Everlasting Light,” “She’s Long Gone,” and “I’ve Got Mine.”

During the show Auerbach humbly said “It's like we got the whole city in here with us.” They whole city was with them last night and will follow them where ever they go. That was one of the best concerts I’ve ever been to and I hope to cross paths with The Black Keys again soon!


Thanks Mariel! Check out the rest of her photos of the set from a pimp suite below.

The Black Keys @ MSG Set List:

Howlin' For You
Next Girl
Run Right Back
Same Old Thing
Dead and Gone
Gold on the Ceiling
Girl Is On My Mind
I'll Be Your Man
Your Touch
Little Black Submarines
Money Maker
Strange Times
Chop and Change
Nova Baby
Ten Cent Pistol
Tighten Up
Lonely Boy

Everlasting Light
She's Long Gone
I Got Mine

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