Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Future Nostalgia: 200 Years announce tour, playing Brooklyn 4/15

Back in December, I found myself record shopping with Damien at Sound Fix Records in Williamsburg with a nice stack of vinyl in my arms--records that I had been meaning to purchase for a while. Content with my selections, I was just about ready to checkout when suddenly the clerk behind the register put on an album that quickly caught my attention. It was 200 Years' self-titled album, which only came out the month prior on Drag City. I'm generally not an impulse buyer when it comes to music; it's hard for me to drop $16 on a record I've only heard once, but it was hard to say "no" to something that was as good as Ben Chasny and Elisa Ambrogio's latest musical project.

200 Years' sound is mellow and often melodic, but there lies a sombre beauty to their songs that gives their folkiness a particular kind of edge. I wholly expected to do some research and discover they were one of the many bands I was late to the party for. But despite both members having a background in the indie scene, Chasny with Six Organs of Admittance and Ambrogio with Magik Markers, plus a relatively good review of the record on Pitchfork, there was very little information to be found on 200 Years--particularly if there were any upcoming performances from the duo. So you can imagine my excitement when I received word that the band is about the embark on a short tour that will bring them to Brooklyn's Zebulon on April 15. There doesn't appear to be any advanced tickets, but you can buy one at the door for a mere $8.

Below, watch the video for 200 Years' very excellent single "Solar System," complete with trippy VHS-style visuals, and be sure to check out their upcoming tour dates as well...

Fri. March 30 - Northampton MA @ Feeding Tube Records 
Fri. April 6 - Montague MA @ Montague Bookmill
Sat. April 7 – Syracuse, NY @ Roji Tea Lounge
Sun. April 8 – Cleveland, OH @ Happy Dog Bar
Mon. April 9 – Chicago, IL @ The Burlington
Tue. April 10 – Kalamazoo, MI @ Kalamazoo College
Wed. April 11 – Louisville, KY @ Zanzabar
Thu. April 12 – Pittsburgh, PA @ Garfield Artworks
Fri. April 13 – Charlottesville, VA @ Twisted Branch
Sat. April 14 – Baltimore, MD @ Soft House
Sun. April 15 – Brooklyn, NY @ Zebulon
Mon. June 18 - Montreal Canada @ Casa Del Popolo 

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