Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Watch Björk Perform "Cosmogony," Talk About Elves On The Colbert Report

It's very weird to realize that legendary Icelandic songstress Björk will be hanging out in our city for a month performing 10 shows (and occasionally teaching kids about art and science), but her appearance on The Colbert Report definitely hammered that fact home. Leading things off with a time travel joke (they'd recorded the interview after her performance but broadcast it first), the red-fro'ed Björk chatted with Stephen Colbert about Biophilia and its associated apps - which he eventually wanted to lick. There was also a fun moment where Colbert called her out on Icelandic people's belief in elves, which Björk countered by pointing out American's belief in ghosts. Well played.

It wasn't all elves and licking iPads though. Björk's performance of Biophilia cut "Cosmogony," regardless of how you felt about the album itself, was a great reminder that she is still one of the most arresting live performers of our time. Check it and the interview out below, and if you scored tickets to one of her shows here, get ready for an amazing night.

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