Wednesday, January 25, 2012

New Build Reveal Tracklist For Their Debut Album + Song Sampler

By Geanna Barlaam

According to our Mayan "friends", the end of existence is near. Here's some more info about New Build's debut album to get you out of that apocalyptic rut you're certainly wading through!

Entitled Yesterday Was Lived And Lost, the LP is officially dropping on March 5th, and you can still pre-order your copy riiiiight here: And since we're now living in the future, you can choose to have this on digital download! Or compact disc! Or actual vinyl! The choice is yours, and yours alone. But be sure to pick it up before their shows at Mercury Lounge. And, you know, before the end of the world.

To tide you over in the meantime, feel free check out the tracklist and preview the album with a four-track sampler, all right below this sentence. Enjoy!

New Build - Yesterday Was Lived And Lost (Album Sampler) by newbuild

Yesterday Was Lived And Lost Tracklist

3.Misery Loves Company
4.Miranda, Be My Guide
5.Behind the Shutter
6.Schism of the Mind
7.Do You Not Feel Loved?
8.The Third One
10.Finding Reasons
11.Last Gasp
12.Silence and the Muttering

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