Wednesday, January 25, 2012

F*&king FINALLY: Mogwai Reschedule 2011 NYC Shows For This June

So let's get this disclaimer out of the way: we love the HELL out of Mogwai. Having said that, here's a funny-slash-aggravating story.

Longtime readers of FN will know how psyched we were to see the Scottish post-rock band waaaay the fuck back in April of last year. Unfortunately, due to visa issues, they were unable to play Webster Hall as scheduled, but came back about a week later with rescheduled shows that would take place in September. Major bummer to have to wait an additional five months to see them, but life goes on.

So September rolls around and we get all psyched again... only to discover that those rescheduled shows, in turn, would not be happening as planned due to medical reasons. Sucks all around, but the band promises that they will re-reschedule those shows. We're bummed, but we'll wait. And admittedly forget about it all.

...But TODAY, BrooklynVegan reported that Mogwai will at long last return to our fair city to play those two shows! On June 14 and 15! So, go ahead and pick up tickets now on presale or on February 3 on general sale. Or, if you're like us, just wake up on June 14 or 15 and dust off those tickets you bought 16 months ago. Either way, it's finally (probably) fucking happening.

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