Monday, January 9, 2012

Check Out Two MORE Really Early Radiohead / On A Friday Demos

People have been doing a lot of archive cleaning recently, it seems!

Remember back in November when we reported that a plucky YouTube user klootme had uploaded two deep cuts from Radiohead's earliest documented demo tape from 1986 back when they were called On A Friday before Johnny Greenwood had joined the lineup? According to At Ease, the same YouTuber uploaded another more track this weekend: the eerily Smiths-sounding "Fat Girl," which along with a third track - the funky "Fragile Friend" - gives us a deeper look at where the band's heads were at long before Pablo Honey was even a twinkle in Thom Yorke's eye.

Check out both tracks below. klootme commented over the weekend that she won't be probably won't be uploading any more tracks, but with the Internet being what it is / existing, we're betting some more new (old) On A Friday material will surface sometime soon.

UPDATE: Well that was fast! klootme has uploaded a FIFTH demo track, "Lemming Trail," which you can now check out below.

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