Monday, December 19, 2011

Photos/Review: James Murphy @ Brooklyn Night Bazaar

James Murphy (DJ Set) @ Brooklyn Night Bazaar – December 15, 2011

Photos: Nadia Chaudhury / Review: Josh Kurp

James Murphy, proudly sporting a scruffy salt-and-pepper beard, looked oh-so-happy. Over eight months after wrapping up LCD Soundsystem at Madison Square Garden (holy st), he was back in his borough, at the spacious Brooklyn Bazaar, spinning records as a DJ in front of a Thursday night crowd only a fraction of the size he played for in April. Murphy has said that the reason he retired LCD was because the band’s fame was becoming too large for him; he only intended them to be a part of what he did, career-wise, not become all encompassing. Because, obviously, if you release songs as great and era-defining as “All My Friends” and “Dance Yrself Clean,” you feel like you just HAVE to do more.

Now Murphy, with LCD (temporarily?) in the rear-view mirror, can focus on his truest passion: DJ’ing, playing everything from a re-mix of the Orbs’ classic “Little Fluffy Clouds” to a selection from the Batman soundtrack. Oh, and try his hand at acting in Tim Heidecker’s Sundance-accepted The Comedy; and head to Japan with Aziz Ansari and David Chang for a GQ story, and continue to lord over the label he co-founded, DFA Records; and work on the soon-to-be-released documentary, the Win Butler-titled SHUT UP AND PLAY THE HITS, about LCD’s final 48 hours as a band.

His beard is well deserved.


Check out a bunch of photos of the night shot by Nadia below, as well as the official video for LCD Soundsystem's new video for their older cover of Franz Ferdinand's "Live Alone" below...

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