Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Photos: Mike Doughty & His Band Fantastic @ Brooklyn Bowl

Mike Doughty & His Band Fantastic @ Brooklyn Bowl - November 18, 2011
Photos: Tommy Kearns
"So let’s talk about Band Fantastic – for it’s been a while since Doughty’s been out on the road group-stylee and left the Question Jar at home. Fantastic Band? It’s not a misnomer, they really were – to see pianist Dan Chen tickling both ivories old-school and synth, the Panderers’ Pete McNeal bashing out drums and longtime Doughty foil Andrew “Scrap” Livingston on electric bass, all together, was a treat. It gave a fullness to the songs, in a way that my ears haven’t heard live for a while. (And that’s saying something, me and Mike D go wayyy back.) 
He’s not just funny, sly (when folks kept calling for Soul Coughing songs – poor guy – he suggested: “Uh you’d best go back and Wikipedia that shit”) or a skilled guitarist (his green Fender Coronado is THE SEXY), but he gives good rockstar too. You sorta forget that when he’s sitting doing the cost-effective stripped-down shows… this was a was a nice reminder."
-The Backstage Rider 
That snippet comes from our friend Mikala Taylor's recent review of Mike Doughty's show in Seattle a couple weeks ago. On Friday, Doughty and His Band Fantastic made their way to Williamsburg's finest bowling alley, Brooklyn Bowl to play another set of songs to a packed crowd. The following night he finished his tour out with a show at Bowery Ballroom.

Doughty (formerly of cult act Soul Coughing) released his fourth solo album Yes and Also Yes under his own label SNACK BAR back in August. Listen to it on Spotify over here. Photographer Tommy Kearns was at the Brooklyn show on Friday and took this batch of photos of us...

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