Monday, November 28, 2011

Listen: Black Star -- "Fix Up" & "You Already Knew"

Let's get one thing straight first: we love Black Star. The combo of Talib Kweli and Mos De... pardon, Yasiin Bey is pretty much unparalleled, and despite the many teases and false alarms, we're still holding out hope that they'll release a second LP already DAMMIT.

But yeah, things look like they're moving in an awesome, and above all CONCRETE, direction as of late. The duo released their Colbert-Bumped single "Fix Up" on iTunes over the holiday break, and also dropped a new surprise - "You Already Knew," a cut off their apparently forthcoming Black Star Aretha mixtape via Black Star Hub. If the title and above image weren't big enough clues, the project will be a tribute to the Legendary-With-A-Capital-L Aretha Franklin and will drop... sometime next year.

But yeah, you can stream both of these tracks after the jump, and since they're basically fire we're more than happy to set aside our annoyance and keep on waiting for more. Keep on, dudes.

Black Star "Fix Up" by 3DDistro

Black Star "You Already Knew" by 3DDistro