Monday, October 10, 2011

Stream Rob Crow's (Pinback) New Album "He Thinks He's People"

Image via BearMythology
San Diego rockers Pinback are another one of those bands that I really love but am not sure if anyone else I know is into (hi Plus/Minus), which is why I was very happy to hear that frontman Rob Crow is coming back with his first new solo album in four years on October 18. It's called He Thinks He's People (nice Simpsons reference, Rob!), and you can stream the whole thing now below. Thanks to The A.V. Club for the heads up.

And since I've never been able to write about Rob Crow or Pinback on FN before, I'm gonna milk it and throw in a track from Rob's last solo album, Living Well's "Chucked," AND a cut from further back in Pinback's discography, "Non-Photo Blue" off the fan favorite Summer In Abbadon. Woohoo!
Rob Crow - He Thinks He's People by Temporary Residence Ltd

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