Friday, October 7, 2011

New Order are currently planning a US tour, Peter Hook has a vein in his head that’s about to explode

The story of New Order is one filled with sadness, grief, loss and success. But most importantly, it’s just fucking hilarious. The band recently announced they would be playing two charity shows later this year, angering bassist Peter Hook because they didn’t consult or ask him about it--presumably because he was too busy playing Joy Division songs without any members of Joy Division (irony, sweet irony). Though this is far from the first time New Order have split up only to reform shortly thereafter, the outlook of a full on reunion in the near future is grim. And if the recent bickering between Peter Hook and frontman Bernard Sumner is any indication, it’s safe to say that Hooky will never share the stage with his old band ever again.

While I’m excited at the idea of seeing New Order live in the US, I’m much more anxious to see how Peter Hook intends to fuck over the band in any possible way he can. That’s right, he actually said that. Read the full statement over at NME. He also called them dickheads and that if “they think they’re going to scuffle off to a cabin in the woods, they’ve got another thing coming.” Now just picture that for a second. Bernard Sumner, Stephen Morris and Gillian Gilbert are hanging out in a cabin preparing dinner and discussing how great they are, when suddenly a shirtless and furious Peter Hook kicks in the door and pulls Gillian’s arms out of her sockets. Amazing.

The important thing here is that Hooky says the idea of New Order reforming simply for charity is “bullocks” and that they are currently trying to book a US tour. And thus, the vein in Peter Hook’s head is one step closer to full on rupture. We’ll be keeping a close watch on that vein, as well as any announcement of New Order tour dates.


  1. I was in Paris yesterday – it was a good gig, good setlist, the crowd went mad BUT ... some bass-player reproducing the Hooky-riffs isn't the same as if Hooky plays them. Not just physically. Something lacks there, a certain "je ne sais quoi" (no wonder it was in Paris).