Sunday, September 11, 2011

This Week's Nostalgia (9/12-9/18)

Quite an exhausting week for me personally, but not exactly the fullest week for shows here in New York City. However, we did get to check out Les Savy Fav at Music Hall of Williamsburg on Tuesday, as well as the free Patti Smith show at Webster Hall on Thursday. I also saw TV on the Radio but haven’t had a chance to post my review yet (travelling to/from a wedding takes more time and energy than you’d think). There’s some interesting/weird things coming up this week though…

Blondie @ Highline Ballroom
Monday, September 12 / Tuesday, September 13

Talking Heads, The Ramones, Television… and Blondie. Those were the most popular bands that devised the NYC punk scene at CBGB’s in the late seventies. Of that school, Blondie have been the most consistent in releasing new material and touring over the past few decades, trumped only by the occasional recent Richard Lloyd-less Television performances. Honestly, the last time I saw a live Blondie performance it was on VH1 in 1999, and I was mostly watching because my friend Jamie was chosen to fill out the crowd (she dressed like a typical teenage punk girl. I assume that was just the kind of credibility VH1 was going for). So while I couldn’t tell you how good/bad these shows could be, it’s probably a safe bet that they will play “Heart of Glass” and possibly “The Tide Is High” if you clap hard enough (or not). Tickets are available for $72. Seventy-two motherfucking dollars. Um, have fun.

Peter Hook & The Light @ Gramercy Theatre
Tuesday, September 13

Moved from the original venue of Irving Plaza, Peter Hook and his new band The Light will be performing Joy Division’s Closer in its entirety on Tuesday night at Gramercy Theatre. If the idea of a bassist performing the songs of a band he was in whose singer tragically committed suicide, then you may not get a kick out of this show. But if you’re still filled with rage that you never got the chance to see Joy Division live, then this may be the next best thing for your aching heart. Reviews of the show have been surprisingly ecstatic, despite public outcry of blasphemy. And who knows, now that New Order has pissed off Hooky by reforming behind his back, he may even take a jab at his old bandmates. We can only hope. Tickets are still on sale.

Sloan @ The Bell House / Bowery Ballroom
Tuesday, September 13 / Thursday, September 15 / Friday, September 16

We were lucky enough to cover Sloan’s recent show at Bowery Ballroom in July, and I’m excited to see the Canadian rock band is back in New York City so soon. Their most recent album The Double Cross is a solid collection of anthemic power pop tunes, and a surprising later addition to their discography. Only a handful of bands can nail the late-career critically acclaimed record, but Sloan pulled it off seamlessly. Do be sure to check out The Bell House show in Brooklyn or Bowery Ballroom on Thursday, but if you’re in the mood for a more intimate setting, head over to Hoboken’s Maxwell’s on Friday for what is sure to be a memorable night. Tickets are still on sale for all three shows.

The Big Four (Megadeth, Anthrax, Slayer, Metallica) @ Yankee Stadium
Wednesday, September 14

What the shit? This is actually happening. At Yankee Stadium. Weird. You can actually still get decent seats if you don't mind dropping $134. Let us know how this goes.

Not exactly in the realm of nostalgia, but worth mentioning: Swedish indie rock trio Peter Bjorn and John are doing a tour of New York City of sorts, hitting nearly every mid-sized club in New York City (or at least the ones Bowery Presents book). Check out tickets here, the shows start tomorrow night at Brooklyn Bowl (which is sold out, with limited admission at doors).

That's all for this week. Check out our playlist for This Week's Nostalgia over on Spotify. If there's any shows you feel we missed, please let us know in the comments below. Until next week...

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