Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Photos: Les Savy Fav @ Music Hall of Williamsburg

Les Savy Fav @ Music Hall of Williamsburg - September 6, 2011

The first time I had heard of Les Savy Fav was when my brother raved about the crazy show he had seen them play in Brooklyn around 2004. Intrigued by his description of a big half-naked bearded guy who runs around the crowd the entire performance, I quickly got my hands on their singles collection Inches, and was almost immediately hooked. It wasn't until around 2008 that I finally got to see them live (at Music Hall of Williamsburg no less), and I walked away from that show with the affirmation that Les Savy Fav were the craziest live band I had ever seen. I still stand by that.

It doesn't mean that they're necessarily the best live band that's ever been, or the most proficient... half the time Tim Harrington isn't even singing, he's kissing crowd members and climbing up ladders. But shit if they don't put on the most hilarious/fun show you'll see from a punk band this day and age. As Les Savy Fav tore through favorites such as "Patty Lee," "What Would Wolves Do?" and "The Sweat Descends," the endless mosh pit only gained more and more steam as the show went along, culminating in a ridiculously long version of "Who Rocks The Party" that closed out the performance and left me exhausted (and bruised).

Below check out a full set of photos of Les Savy Fav from last night's show, which also happened to be the fourth birthday of the Music Hall of Williamsburg...