Sunday, April 10, 2011

Photos: The Dead Milkmen @ Warsaw

Dead Milkmen @ Warsaw 4/9/11

The Dead Milkmen @ Warsaw - April 9, 2011

Now that was just crazy. I had heard the infamous 80's punk band put on a great live show, but I had no idea the Dead Milkmen incited non-stop moshing and crowd surfing as they did last night (4/9) @ Brooklyn's Warsaw at Polish National Home. That "Moshing Not Allowed" sign must've been a joke (a funny, sick joke) because security did virtually nothing to stop it, or maybe they were just too scared to. In addition to classics "Bitchin' Camaro" and "Punk Rock Girl", the Milkmen also played fan favorites "Serrated Edge", "Nutrition" and an amazing cover of Gary Numan's "In Cars." My only complaint was that the show was a bit short, they went on at 11 and were done by 12:15. But if you take a look at the setlist (below) you'll see that they played 22 songs, which is certainly nothing to complain about. It was total teenage nostalgia for me; I remember having a cassette tape a friend of mine made for me of Dead Milkmen songs that I used to listen to on my way to school every day for a good month or so. Good times.

The Dead Milkmen only have one other show on the horizon, and that's 4/30 at the Congress Theater in Chicago. Tickets are available here. Full set of photos, setlist and they're still great video for "Punk Rock Girl" below!