Monday, September 19, 2011

Listen To The Full Version Of The "Lost" Daft Punk Track "Drive"

Image via Pimp MySpace. You should all see Interstella 5555, by the way.
Despite my lukewarm feelings for their involvement in TRON: Legacy, celebrated French robot duo Daft Punk still remain one of my favorite electronic acts of all time. And while I wait semi-impatiently to see them rock a live show in NYC (their appearance at Phoenix's MSG show late last year was an awesome teaser though), news of a new Daft Punk track is more than enough to grab my attention.

...Well, new to the public, anyway. The song is actually an early recording from 1994 called "Drive" that hadn't seen the light of day until Soma Records' release of their 20 Years compilation today. As part of the release, Soma is now streaming the full version of the song on their YouTube page, which you can also hear below thanks to the magic of embed codes. Thanks to Pitchfork for the tip.

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