Monday, September 19, 2011

(Abbreviated) Technically Nostalgic: Listen To 30 Seconds of That Lou Reed / Metallica Album To Confirm That It Will Suck

Saaaay, "Douche-Chills!"
At long last, we finally get to discuss the Nostalgic Elephant In The Room. Yes, we knew that Lou Reed and Metallica have been working on an album called Lulu together. Yes, we know the tracklist, the release date (November 1 via Warner Bros.), and that a bunch of the songs are going to be really, really long.

Initially, we (or at least I) didn't feel like writing about it because... well, it just FELT like a completely terrible concept. And now that the "supergroup" has "leaked" a 30-second preview of a new track called "The View," we can confirm that the album will in all likelihood completely suck. Judging from the majority of the comments in that Facebook thread, a bunch of their "fans" agree. 

Check it out below, because you kinda have to. Sorry to do this to you ears.

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