Wednesday, September 28, 2011

CMJ 2011 Preview: Shonen Knife (10/22 At Public Assembly)

Hey kids. As we mentioned a few weeks back, Fall is looking like an especially busy season for us here at Fucking Nostalgic. We've already got some cool surprises lined up for you for this weekend's All Tomorrow's Parties I'll Be Your Mirror festival, and thanks to general awesomeness we're happy to say that we'll be covering this year's CMJ 2011 Marathon here in NYC as well.

One of the many reasons we're psyched for this annual local festival is that a band we've loved, covered, and even interviewed - Japanese pop-punk legends Shonen Knife - will be in town to play a set at Williamsburg's Public Assembly on October 22 as part of the Panache Booking & Bruise Cruise Showcase. Tickets are still on sale for the show, so for a mere $10 you can catch these pioneers celebrate their 30th anniversary while paying tribute to one of THEIR favorite bands, The Ramones, under their Osaka Ramones moniker. Do it.

As you wait for that show to happen, here's a really weird oldschool video of Shonen Knife hanging out with Nirvana after their 1991 tour of the UK.


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