Tuesday, August 23, 2011

What's Delaying A Blur Reunion? Cheese.

Let me start off with the following disclaimer: I am not a psychic. Leave that business to people like Dionne Warwick, Miss Cleo, and John Edward (rightly voted "The Biggest Douche In The Universe" on South Park). However, I swear I have this weird ability to feel when bands I like or have liked are on the verge of announcing something cool, which tends to manifest itself in the increased frequency with which I play the band's songs or watch performances of them on YouTube. I guess I got this power by trading away my ability to sense earthquakes, 'cause I didn't feel a damn thing in NYC just now.

Which brings me to Blur. I'd been listening to the iconic '90s British rock band just about all of last week, starting with YouTube performances from their Glastonbury set back in 2009 and then just flat out listening to all of their studio albums. It was feeling like news of a reunion was in the air... and as of today, it sort of is! Except for one thing (or a couple of things, technically).

According to Contact Music, floppy-haired bassist Alex James has confirmed that all of the members of Blur are on good terms and are in fact meeting up again next month to plot out a follow-up to their reunion shows. However, the main stumbling block (pun mostly intended) to all full-on tour is... CHEESE. James, now also an avid cheese farmer, notes that it's his commitments to his cheesecraft ("I've given birth to nine cheeses this year!") and, uh, his family that are keeping him from being more involved with the band's music.

Yeah, bet you thought it was Damon Albarn's eight billion other projects - including that recent one out in the Congo - holding things up, didn't you? It's great news that they're at least starting to plot things out, per Albarn's hints earlier this summer... but don't TAUNT us, guys!

And play some NYC dates ASAP so we too can see some amazing performances like these!


  1. Coincidentally cheese is what has kept me from being a fan of Blur

  2. You should see a doctor about that, bouts of lactose intolerance are a bummer of a reason to miss out on Blur's goodness.