Friday, August 26, 2011

HOLY SHIT: Jeff Mangum Launches New Website, Neutral Milk Hotel Box Set, Unreleased Stuff, AAAAAH!

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There's a reason we (well, mostly me) tend to editorialize in titles of certain Fucking Nostalgic posts: because sometimes some really, really awesome things happen in the world of music. And indie legend Jeff Mangum (Neutral Milk Hotel) launching a new website with unreleased songs, a radio show, and a vinyl-only box set completely falls into the realm of Awesome News.

As Pitchfork reports, Mangum's new website, Walking Wall Of Words, is where he has announced that said vinyl-only Neutral Milk Hotel box set will be available on November 22. This package will feature the band's entire recorded catalog, including (wait for it) FIFTEEN UNRELEASED TRACKS. You can check out the site for more info on the exact contents, which you're going to want to do anyway to stream two of those unreleased tracks, "Oh Sister" and "Ferris Wheel On Fire," and a 30-minute radio show hosted by the man himself that'll apparently be updated regularly. The unreleased tracks will also be available outside of the box set to download on Bandcamp on November 22 in that pay-what-you-wish process we all know and (mostly) love.

And do you want some original artwork? Mangum will sell you some for $15 a pop.

Naturally I want to stop writing this right now and explore the site more, and you should already be on there. If you're running into server issues, you can also listen to Jeff Mangum's recent performance in Toronto or buy a ticket to see him when he's around.


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