Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Contest: “Like” this post, win a copy of Deerhoof’s Milk Man on limited edition strawberry vinyl!

If I had to name one band that changed my perspective of indie music post-college, it would definitely be experimental noise-psych group Deerhoof. It was around 2005 when I first heard The Runners Four, probably a suggestion off of Pitchfork I took somewhat hesitantly, and I think it took me a few tracks to understand what they were fully going for, but the song that cinched the deal for me was “Siriustar.” Easily one of the heaviest and, um, “cutest” tracks cut by Deerhoof, the song features one of the most absolutely ear-splitting guitar solos in rock history (sorry to be hyperbolic, but the ending of “Siriustar” is just incredible). If you haven’t heard that album yet, definitely pick up a copy today (the vinyl sounds amazing by the way). And sorry for going off about The Runners Four, since this post is regarding their other masterpiece, Milk Man.

The very awesome Polyvinyl record label has just reissued Milk Man on limited edition “Strawberry” vinyl (a reference to album’s somewhat disturbing artwork) in celebration of Deerhoof’s upcoming performance of the album at All Tomorrow’s Parties London this July (alongside other Fucking Nostalgic favorites Dinosaur Jr. and The Flaming Lips). Only 500 copies of the strawberry wax edition of Milk Man will be available, but you can win a copy directly from Fucking Nostalgic by following the details below! Deerhoof will also be making an appearance at the All Tomorrow’s Parties - I’ll Be Your Mirror Festival in Asbury Park, NJ this fall. As we mentioned on Monday, passes are still available, now with the option to see Jeff Mangum (of Neutral Milk Hotel) play an additional show on the Sunday that closes the festival. Get on that if you haven’t already, because it’s going to be a blast.

Contest details: Head over to our Facebook page and “Like” us if you haven’t already. Then simply “Like” this very post and you’re entered in the contest to win one copy of Deerhoof’s Milk Man on 180g Strawberry Vinyl. Don’t have a turntable? For shame! (just kidding) (sort of) The album also includes an mp3 download code, so you’re set to put this mind-bending album directly onto your iPod. A winner will be selected at random at midnight tonight and contacted for shipping details. Good luck!


  1. This post was actually written by Chris, btw - I posted it on his behalf. Enter this fucking excellent contest!