Monday, May 2, 2011

Joey Santiago & David Lovering say new Pixies album on the way

I would take this information with a grain of salt, but in a recent interview with the Guardian, Pixies drummer David Lovering says the plan for the reunited Pixies is to finally record some new material after they finish up their Doolittle tour this year. Lead guitarist Joey Santiago confirms that an album is “in the forefront” for the band as well. I guess seven years of touring the same songs has started to bore them.

Bassist Kim Deal is often rumored to be the one holding the band back from recording, and Frank Black is known to be somewhat of controlling frontman, albeit a prolific songwriter. But news of them hitting the studio is sort of a no-brainer considering they’re on record saying they can’t just tour the same “greatest hits” over and over again. I’d say that their new material might not be all the great, but Frank Black has put out some great songs in the past decade, and with the help of Deal it may just be something worth listening to.

When I saw them do the Doolittle show at Hammerstein a couple years ago, they sounded just fine, but at the same time it just wasn’t what I remembered from previous performances. Their first big performance at Coachella in 2004 was incredible and one of my favorite shows of all time was seeing them at the University of Montreal in a hockey stadium (yes, I’ve travelled quite a bit to see the Pixies live). Some people I know consider their constant touring since ’04 to have destroyed their mystique and legacy. I am sort of on the fence of whether or not I agree. What do you think?


  1. I saw them at the Hammerstein when they first got back together and while they sounded great the crowd was awful. Typical, I'm there to be seen crowd. Nothing like when I saw them for the original Doolitle tour at the Ritz back in the day.

    The next time I saw them was for this past tour in LA and they and the crowd were amazing. Good time. I for one think they totally can tour on their back cat. and maybe sprinkle in a couple of new tracks here and there.

  2. Stop shitting on the Pixies for touring. You'd rather they starve? ps- i Love you chris

  3. I didn't shit on them for touring, I merely stated facts.

    Mission of Burma, Polvo and Dinosaur Jr came back and released amazing albums to add to their legacy. Pixies are just making themselves look silly by touring behind Doolittle for two full years

  4. "I guess seven years of touring the same songs has started to bore them." I don't consider this a fact. I also don't think they look silly. They are touring places they haven't hit before and the demand is clearly there

  5. So if pavement is still touring behind nothing in seven years, that would be totally cool?

  6. I don't know if it would be cool or not but as cynical as I am, it still doesn't bother me that they still tour like this. I still remember being 16 and knowing for a FACT they would never get back together so its still thrilling to me.