Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Photos: Wire @ Music Hall of Williamsburg

Post-punk legends Wire blasted through their set last night (4/5), complete with two encores at the Music Hall of Williamsburg. Anyone who knows anything about Wire knows that they approach their career like sharks; moving forward and never looking back. In other words, not the most nostalgic band (you'll rarely see them playing anything off of fan favorites Pink Flag or Chairs Missing)(we did get the song "Pink Flag" last night though). But it doesn't matter when their recent output is just as good, just as catchy, and just as punk as their earlier work. Weekend, a band I kept hearing about during SXSW last month, were worthy openers. Though you couldn't hear the vocals at all (pretty sure that was intentional), they played extremely melodic, shoegazy tunes, performed with the energy and intensity of a classic '77 punk band.

Wire will play the Bowery Ballroom tonight (4/6) with Madensuyu. Tickets are still on sale. Full set of photos of both bands and Wire's setlist is below.