Monday, April 11, 2011

Photos: Sebadoh @ Bowery Ballroom

Sebadoh @ Bowery Ballroom - April 10, 2011
Photos: Chris

Classic lo-fi band Sebadoh played the Bowery Ballroom twice this past weekend, and I probably would have gone to both shows had I not been at the Dead Milkmen's crazy show on Saturday night. Either way, I got a full dose of nostalgia in this weekend; Lou Barlow, Jason Loewenstein and latest addition Bob D'Amico did not disappoint on Sunday night (4/10). Though the show probably would have been shorter had Barlow not spent most of his time dissing New York City (though I'm sure it was tongue-in-cheek) we still got a set full of hits, including Bakesale's "Not Too Amused" & "Magnet's Coil", as well as an excellent rendition of III's "The Freed Pig". It was the last show of Sebadoh's tour, and Barlow mentioned we'd probably not see them again until the end of the year, but promised new material when that time comes around.

Barlow will however be in town again when he plays with Dinosaur Jr. at Terminal 5 on 6/23. Henry Rollins will be interviewing the band on stage, which is sure to be an awkward and hilarious affair. Tickets are still on sale. Full set of photos of Sebadoh's Sunday show at Bowery Ballroom are below!


  1. i didn't dis new york, the crowd booed when i said i lived in LA.. i like NY ..