Thursday, May 3, 2012

Mission of Burma reveal Unsound album art and track listing

As previously reported, Mission of Burma will release their fifth studio album Unsound on July 10 on Fire Records. You can probably imagine we're pretty excited about it. Once again recorded by Bob Weston, many of the tracks that make up the new album are songs we've seen them play at their last few shows, including "Dust Devil" which was revealed last month. But also “Sectionals In Mourning," “This Is Hi-Fi," “Second Television," “7′s," and "Opener," which should make for one fine follow up to 2009's The Sound, The Speed, The Light.

No NYC-area shows have been announced yet, but I would not be surprised if the band plays in the area this summer. Below, take a look at the track list and give "Dust Devil" another listen...

Mission of Burma, Unsound
1. “Dust Devil”
2. “Semi-Pseudo-Sort-Of Plan”
3. “Sectionals In Mourning”
4. “This Is Hi-Fi”
5. “Second Television”
6. “Part The Sea”
7. “Fell –> H2O”
8. “ADD in Unison”
9. “7′s”
10. “What They Tell Me”
11. “Opener”

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