Friday, March 16, 2012

Review: New Build @ Mercury Lounge

New Build @ Mercury Lounge - March 14, 2012

Review: Geanna B.

As we skip over East Houston and through the woods, to Mercury Lounge we go! Our feet know the way! Time to dance, yay oh yay! It’s time to hear New Build, bro!

If your ears have been buzzing as of late, it’s probs from all of the chatter surrounding New Build, the band everyone knows as being made up of members of Hot Chip and the forever mourned LCD Soundsystem (sniffle). Their second night playing a fully sold out show only heightened the antici… pation. Having devoured delicious tracks off their first full album, Yesterday Was Lived and Lost, our appetites were primed and ready for more. But what would they sound like live? Would their sometimes mellow, drum-driven dance party translate to the stage? Would the band members meld and transmit the sonic boom and poppy beats we so desperately craved? Would someone in the audience fall down?
The answer is simple: hellz to the mothafuckin yes.

Surrounded by people ready to groove, we danced our asses off as the seven (SEVEN?!) member band plowed through most of their album over the course of an hour-long set. Adorable ginger frontman Al Doyle literally smiled the entire time he was on stage and appeared genuinely thankful and somewhat baffled that so many had come out to see them perform. The room was cozy, sweaty, and vibrating with the giddy happiness of everything a house party is made of. The start of their first single, “Do You Not Feel Loved?” sent the crowd into a straight up frenzy, pulsing and rocking and bumping with the precision and drive of a tightly wound watch. The sound was full and rich, bouncing off the walls and evoking the Talking Heads with every chk chk chk of the guitar. The poppier “Medication” brought everyone to their toes, bopping and twisting and jumping in circles (or maybe only me). Eagles soared! Doves cried! Cardinals cardinaled! It was a delight.

At the end of the night, we hadn’t just seen a side project by members of bands we adore. New Build is “new”, but these guys are veterans in pedigree  their catchy, dancilicious sound stands as a testament to the fact that they know what’s up. This isn’t amateur hour, people. This is a band we love.

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