Friday, March 9, 2012

Review: Kaiser Chiefs @ Terminal 5

As you may or may not be aware, FN contributor Mariel Marelli is in possession of several super powers. I was first exposed to said powers when I learned of Mariel’s inexplicable immunity to all things spicy. I have seen her eat an entire plate atomic wings with the nonchalance and grace of a mythical winged creature, all the while watching her friends choke and cry and sweat into oblivion.

Her second, and arguably more important, super power is her ability to win tickets to millions of shows in our glorious NYC. And not just any shows – shows you want to see. Approximately once per week, Mariel will gleefully announce another victorious win, and if you’re lucky enough, you will be invited to join her.

And that is how I found myself as Mariel’s lucky plus one for last night’s Kaiser Chiefs show at Terminal 5. I’ve gotta say, they totally kicked ass. Since their first full-length album, Employment, found its way into my CD wallet (yeah, I went there), I’ve loved their brand of punk-rock-pop-y sound.

Riling up the crowd from the get-go, the band gave us favorites like “Ruby”, “Na Na Na Na Naa”, and “I Predict a Riot”. Every song was tight and driven, though it seems like the Chiefs are starting to dabble in the world of jam. Always frantic frontman Ricky Wilson appeared on the second floor during “Take My Temperature” and raced around the balcony among crazed fans and dancing loons. Beer (we hope it was beer!) was thrown, dousing the crowd and adding to the chaos. This is what you think about when you think about shows at Terminal 5: Agitation! Rock! Fluids!!

Yes, it was a show of mostly album singles, but that’s kind of exactly what we wanted. This shit was just straight up FUN. There are few things more awesome than dancing your ass off with complete strangers to music you just flat out enjoy. With their new album, Start the Revolution Without Me, just released earlier this week, it felt like a full-on celebration of debauchery and delight. And just when we thought we’d hit the max, they turned it up to 11 and closed with “Oh My God”, leaving a very satisfied and glowing audience behind them.

Because we were standing behind the two tallest men in the history of the world, you’ll have to excuse our pho(ne)tos. We did our best! Please enjoy them and check out the setlist below!

Kaiser Chiefs @ Terminal 5 Setlist (3/8/2012):

Everyday I Love You Less and Less
Never Miss A Beat
Little Shocks
Everything Is Average Nowadays
Good Days Bad Days
Modern Way
On The Run
The Angry Mob
Na Na Na Na Naa
Starts With Nothing
I Predict a Riot
Kinda Girl You Are
Take My Temperature
Listen To Your Head

Love's Not a Competition (But I'm Winning)
Oh My God

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