Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Review: Django Django @ Santos Party House

Django Django @ Santos Party House - March 12, 2012
Review: Damien

How's it going down there in Austin at SXSW, friends? Enjoying your reasonably priced breakfast tacos, rivers of sweet tea vodka, orgasmically great BBQ, and legions of great bands? I'm here in NYC hanging out and not being jealous of you one little bit... he said, lying through his teeth.

Even though I'm not at the Festival documenting every band and platter of ribs I eat, I did have the great pleasure of seeing British experimental art-poppers Django Django rock their second American show ever at Santos Party House on Monday night (3/12) before they headed down to Austin. They developed a cult following long before the release of their self-titled debut back in January, and at the show it was readily apparent why. The Dalston natives effortlessly layered '60s surf rock harmonies over '80s pop beats, psychedelic riffs, and synth goodness in a tight set that had the crowd dancing in the appropriately '80s neon lights of Santos.

Drummer Dave Maclean is the brother of The Beta Band keyboardist John Maclean, and at times you could definitely hear the similarities between the two bands. But Django Django's aptitude at blending the best of a wide variety of musical styles defies pigeonholing and is the mark of a band with great things ahead.

Check out some videos of the show below, courtesy of someone who was apparently standing about two feet in front of me (nice work!). The night also featured the impressively tight and wiry rock of Clock Opera (destined to be a Future Nostalgia favorite) and the shouting-girl-with-an-electronic-drum-kit stylings of Charli XCX (sorry, wasn't too into you this time around). Sure, I'll share my friend Anthony's video of Clock Opera playing once and for all, why not.


  1. Much appreciation and thanks for your kind words about my capturing. Been trying to spread the word about Django Django as they are fan-freaking-tastic band - as you are too. Kudos!

  2. Anytime! I was that dude about four feet behind you dancing all over the place, so I'm very happy you caught these. Great work! See you at the next DD show here for sure - feeling like the crowd will be way bigger by then. :)