Friday, February 10, 2012

Let's Get Silly: Doctor Salt Vs. Professor Loops -- "Whutchaherd"

"Let's Get Silly" is a brand-new feature on Fucking Nostalgic, in which we highlight random stuff and have nothing in particular to say about it. 

Madvillain. Deltron 3030. Simon & GarfunkelFranklin Comes Alive. We've seen our fair share of powerful, genre-reinventing duos join forces and change the game, but none have put together something with the gravitas and sheer skill of the upcoming, long-awaited "Vs." LP bringing the East and West Germanys of hip-hop, Doctor Salt and Professor Loops, together for the first time in history.

Entitled Whutchaherd, this tour de force will hit the streets on February 12, and is so top-secret and exclusive that we have no idea what's on it. We don't even know what genre it is. These two gentlemen staring off into the distance above are friends of ours who pour us beers at our favorite bar in the city and give us high-fives upon request. We pretty much just derped out this post for giggles.

Regardless, this is likely going to be the Album of 2012, 2013, and 2016, so get on board. With your help, these guys may even be on SNL tomorrow before their album is even released.

Sleep with one eye open, Pootie Tang.

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