Monday, January 16, 2012

Future Nostalgia: King Krule, Real Estate, Girls @ Terminal 5

Christopher Owens of Girls
Girls (w/ King Krule & Real Estate) @ Terminal 5
Photos: Chris / Review: Mariel Marrelli

On Saturday night, I saw Real Estate and Girls at the sold out Terminal 5 show. I could tell the show was sold out by my inability to move the entire time. Surrounded by swarms of kids with X’s on their hands (it was an 18 and older show), I wasn’t sure what to expect.  I had never seen either band before, but was pretty excited to check them both out.

Real Estate opened their set with "Green Aisles" off their latest Days album.  Singer and guitarist Martin Courtney would lead the band through most of the songs off that album, including "It’s Real," "Wonder Years," "Out of Tune," "Easy" and "All The Same." Guitarist Matthew Mondanile, who never stopped moving the entire show, covered Felt’s "Sunlight Bathed the Gold Glow." They only stopped jamming once to give a shout out to anyone who went to high school in New Jersey. The crowd went wild!   

After a break, which seemed to mostly consist of taping bouquets of flowers to mic stands, Girls took the stage. Lead singer Christopher Owens, clad in a t-shirt, button down shirt, and jean skirt, started off the set with Father, Son, Holy Ghost's "Alex." Stopping only to change guitars, they would play through most of the album including "My Ma," "Love Like A River," "Die," "Magic," and crowd favorites "Honey Bunny" and "Vomit." 

They also played through some of their earlier songs including "Heartbreaker," "Laura," "Substance," and "Hellhole Ratrace," before ending the set with "Darling."  Despite the somewhat mellow tunes and sometimes depressing lyrics, the crowd got very rowdy during the set and moshed the best they could.  The band seemed very humble, occasionally thanking the audience, but mostly sticking to the music.  They did, however, take a moment to let us know that the 49ers won that night.  

For an encore, Owens came out solo and performed "Jamie Marie." The full band then joined in for "Saying I Love You."  Girls then bid adieu to drummer Darren Weiss, it was his last show, before rocking out to "Morning Light" and showering the audience with flowers. 

Overall, I thought it was an excellent show.  Seeing both bands in one night really packed in a lot of great music. Real Estate blew me away and I could have listened to them for another hour.  It was their first time playing Terminal 5, so I suggest seeing them before they sell out even bigger venues.           

Favorite Band Moment:  Real Estate guitarist Matthew Mondanile’s enthusiasm
Favorite song:  Real Estate: Green Aisles.  Girls:  Morning Light
Biggest Regret:  Not buying a beer from Sebadoh’s Bob D’Amico who was working the third level bar.


Check out a full set of photos of all the bands who played Saturday night below, including much-hyped newcomer King Krule who opened the night...

King Krule

Real Estate


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