Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Who Are The Openers For Yo La Tengo's Hanukkah Shows?! (Speculations)

More shots from YLT @ The Bell House over here!

Everyone's got their own reasons for loving and/or hating the holiday season, and for us NYC-based music fans our love is focused on a very special event that comes but 8 times a year: The 8 Nights Of Hanukkah With Yo La Tengo! Find your way into one of the shows at the legendary Maxwell's in the slightly-less-legendary Hoboken, NJ from December 20-27 if you can, because each and every year they're all great times.

But in a yearly mystery that rivals the suspense of The Simpsons' "Who Shot Mr. Burns?" cliffhanger from back in the day (it was Maggie, in case you somehow never saw that), we're sitting here a week out from the first night of Hanukkah wondering... who the hell are the openers going to be? Last year's festivities featured musicians like Fucking Nostalgic heroes Mission of Burma, The National, and Jeff Tweedy from some band called Wilco - along with comedians like Todd Barry, Jim Gaffigan, Marc Maron, and Eugene Mirman - so that all re-emphasizes the "you don't want to miss this" aspect of these shows.

But if there's anything we've learned in the past nine months of existing, it's that Fucking Nostalgic fans are a very sharp, clued-in set of people. So go ahead and throw out your best guesses (or even leaks!) about who the 2011 YLT Hanukkah openers will be in the comments of this post or over on our Facebook page. So far we're hearing The Feelies may show up for one night - who else ya got?


  1. I say Stipe, since he may have some free time on his hands now

  2. A good guess, especially since both Ira and Stipe were at that Big Star tribute a while back:


    We have on good authority that The Glands are opening the 12/24 Christmas Eve show.